Going public is a transformational event for any business. It’s a giant leap in an organizations’ growth continuum and a hallmark of its value proposition to the world. This requires multiple workstreams ranging from drafting a prospectus, preparing and auditing financial information, assessing and creating effective governance structures, organising roadshows as well as preparing the organisation for life as a public company.

Prosperity’s goal is to be that trusted advisor for our clients helping them achieve this event in the most efficient and effective manner.

As you go through this exciting change we provide the skilled resources to comprehensively assess your organisation’s readiness to undertake an IPO, identify and assess any gaps in the organisation, create a detailed plan and timetable to track the status of the IPO process, prepare and file for the IPO listing and develop a comprehensive plan for ongoing financial reporting commitments as well as governance as a public company.

Initial Public Offerings Specialist