If you’re planning on purchasing a new car but don’t have a lot of time or the means to do all the legwork on your own, engaging a car buying specialist or car buying service can be an excellent option. A car buying expert can save you a lot of time and hassle and will help you secure the best possible deal.

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What exactly is a car buying service?

A car buying service is a third party engaged by you, the buyer, to assist you with buying a new car. Essentially, it is a car buying specialist’s job to make your job easier when it comes to buying a new or used car.

When purchasing a new car, a significant deal of research is recommended to ensure you’re getting the best price on the car. A car buyer will complete all this legwork for you, including researching and negotiating a price across their database of dealerships. Using their networks, they’ll be able to do this for you much faster, and often more effectively, than you’d be able to on your own.

Car buying is an end-to-end service which includes finding the car to completing the transaction; test drives will be arranged on your behalf if desired, as well as negotiating the best trade-in value on your existing car and arranging competitive finance and insurance if required.  

Ultimately, the benefit of engaging a car buying service is the minimalisation of hassle and the maximisation of savings. You are placed on equal footing with professional car sellers by employing a professional car buyer who can negotiate you the best deal.   

Introducing Darren Lewis, Prosperity’s car buying specialist

Prosperity is thrilled to have Darren Lewis on board as our car buying specialist. Darren has over 30 years’ experience in Dealership and Sales Management, Motor Vehicle Fleet and Corporate sales and also Motorcycle sales. Darren is passionate about achieving outstanding value and savings for his customers. His solid background in the industry means he is an expert at working with dealerships and sourcing the best possible price for your next car.

Let us do the legwork for you 

Prosperity Smart Drive makes buying a car easy.

  • We do all the legwork – sourcing models, getting quotes, arranging test drives, ordering and contracts, sorting valuations and arranging delivery
  • We will save you money by getting you the best available price on your new car, and the best available trade-in value on your current car
  • Our extensive experience and expertise means we can assist you in choosing a competitive loan for your personal circumstances 

Contact Prosperity Smart Drive on 1300 761 388 or email smartdrive@prosperity.com.au to discuss your next new car today.

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