Insure your income
We all insure our houses, contents and vehicles. Yet many of us fail to protect what is probably our most important asset, the ability to produce an income. It is our income that we rely on to pay for our basic living expenses, cars and houses. 

If you lost your capacity to work due to injury or illness, would you have the means to maintain your current lifestyle? If you were disabled for an extended period of time, would you be able to meet your mortgage repayments and achieve your long-term financial goals?

Who will look after you if you cannot work due to injury or illness?

  • Workers Compensation? This only covers you for work related injury & illness, but it’s fact that most serious injuries occur outside the workplace
  • Employee Sick Leave? Normally only lasts for a few weeks & once it’s used it’s gone forever
  • Social Security? A disability pension will pay you a maximum $944.30 per fortnight for singles and $711.80 per fortnight for couples. Is that enough to maintain your current lifestyle?
  • Health Insurance? It may cover some of your medical expenses, but it won’t pay your basic living expenses or your mortgage repayments.

The alternative is to establish an income protection insurance policy, which provides you with 75% of your gross income in the event of you being unable to work due to being sick or injured.

Income protection insurance provides the protection to help you get back on your feet in the event of an injury or illness. The good news is that the premiums you pay are tax deductible. The income payments received under the policy will be assessable income for tax purposes. Income protection insurance can also be provided through superannuation – check if your fund already covers you.

So establishing an income protection policy provides you with two immediate benefits:

  • The financial security to ensure the maintenance of your current lifestyle & wellbeing; and
  • A tax deductible expense to reduce your income tax payable

The cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of insuring your future. Contact John Mujic on 1300 795 515 or email for a complimentary insurance analysis.

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